I am who I am

I am who I am

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Post exam! Yeay!!!

Post Exam!!!

I know I’m a bad blogger for being so inconsistent in updating my blog. Anyway, please give me some break at times due to my annoying exams. 


 Btw, I just finished my exam on Cardiovascular system (CVS) yesterday !!! It’s such a good news for me right? Yea, I know. I spent around 30minutes of sleeping the day before that only. I had been spending an hour in the bed, turning left and right, prayed hard so that I can rest my brains before continue with my revision but I was so anxious and my subconscious mind kept asking me to study. Frust... Somehow, I managed to take a short nap. After that exam, I still had to attend 3hours of lectures in the afternoon. Such a sad case for me.After class, I straight away balik and tidur.
it's like "at last....I can sleep.zzzz."

 At 6.30pm, I went to Village Mall with 7 girlzzz. We had KFC for dinner and I tried the new Zinger Double Down burger.
 chicken breast as the "bread", turkey slice, mayonnaise and cheese to make this up =)

The first bite was really nice and it’s a burger without bread! The good thing about this burger is that it has low caloric value, if to compare with other burgers. Only about 500kcal. However it is extremely salty!!! I’ll definitely discourage people with hypertension to take this. Your blood pressure might rise up to 160mmHg immediately after the first bite. (exaggerated much)

After dinner, we went to sing karaoke. We really enjoyed ourselves a lot. Sang our lungs out. Guess we can join “Shouting Idol” soon. Haha. Too bad there are no pictures of us singing. 

Selca 1

My friend Baby Eileen =)
sound so wrong, calling her baby...

Take pictures in the toilet is what girls always do =)

love my orange pants muchie muchie <3
From Romp <3

Damn yeng wey =)
old at age but young at heart =)
Omg,,, what am I talking about??? we are memang young!!!
biting my lips before saying BYE BYE...