I am who I am

I am who I am

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bestie's birthday <3

Woots... It's been long I ever updated my blog post again. Feel so guilty =( But don't blame me ya... Had the toughest system for year 2, Central nervous system (CNS). Somehow I'm able to survive. What a relieve. With countless of sleepless nights worrying instead of studying or sleeping shows how scary it was to me. Luckily there was a 'long' break during CNY. It was a not-so-fun CNY because had to STUDY. What a pathetic life I've got. Haha... Anyways, I'm still in a good condition now, no dark circles, healthy and still able to blog now. Wee!!! Must learn to be grateful and less complaints are good.

The week before CNY, there was an important event in my have-to-do list, Evie's birthday. Despite the coming soon CNS exam, I don't know how on earth I was still able to think of having something awesome for her 21st birthday. From just thinking of celebrating for her individually in a shopping mall here, it ended up a big surprise for her in the new Kopitiam in AIMST with almost half of my batchmates!!! I didn't know how that crazy idea of mine came up but it worked and so grateful that 60 something people turned up. What a relieve.

Had to negotiate with the boss of Kopitiam at the merge of exam is definitely something I will not do last time but I did this time. Kinda salute myself. *self praise*

This is the lovely birthday girl!
Bought her a set of body soap, scrub, lotion from Body Shop
Everything is PINKY and STRAWBERRY.
She loves pink so much that i wrote
(Happy birthday Pinky lady!
Finally legal!!!) on her 2kg cake!!!
It was the birthday of the girl next to her, Pea Ching too.
But the careless me, did not find out her birthday, invited her along to celebrate Evie's birthday.
OMG how can I be so careless. If I'm her, i will definitely not attend the party because it's so heartache!!!
But luckily she's really sporting. So we celebrated both birthdays at once.
time for popping the "champagne" 
Things like this, leave it to the guys. Haha...
Aiyo...Bing Jian act cute... 

Picture of both of us =)

 What surprised me most was the appearance of Marcus (specy guy in black) , the dean list!!! He did not study for that night just to attend this. Woah... Daebak!

 My 2 besties

I think this was the most awesome thing I ever did for a friend. Was known for the cold bloodiness. Guess I was turned to warm blooded by CNS exam. Go cuckoo already. Haha. Just joking =P