I am who I am

I am who I am

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Longing for....

Mooncake oh mooncake, where have you been???

I love mooncakes!!! But exam is coming, so I can’t go out to shop for mooncakes =(
I feel like going back to my lovely home just to eat mooncakes!!!
Usually my family will buy a few boxes, plus some, given by others. So usually we will end up eating about 10boxes of mooncakes! A lot right? Yea.. I know. Haha … And the fun part of eating mooncakes together is that we (children) are always fighting for the bigger pieces =) Parents always end up having the smaller ones or those with bites everywhere or egg yolk mooncake without the yolk. LOL… This is how evil, we kids of the house are. Buahahaha….
But now… I’m here, staying in hostel… without family… and NO MOONCAKE!!! Miss those days fighting with my brothers for mooncakes…
I’ve been longing for mooncake since the beginning of this month, with the hope of mooncake to just “BABOOM”, appear on my desk.
 Yesterday, when I was sleeping, I smelt something so familiar, so I woke up to see what was that.
 My roommate was enjoying eating her mooncake!!! Without hesitation, “can I have a piece of mooncake?” This show how desperate I was.LOL…

First bite : Owh gawd… It’s mooncake!!!

Second bite : I still can’t believe I’m eating this…

Third bite : Oh gawd. This is so sweet… but nvm...

I don’t really fancy of too sweet mooncakes. The one I love most was mooncake from Dragon-I, I guess…

You want??? I'm not sharing with you =P Blek...

My room mate bought this from Lavender...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Being Naughty =P

La la la~~~

Exam is coming and obviously I have to study hard hard. Study smart? Do I or did I? I think never, sadly to say. (still, I seem to be proud of myself. Haha… ) Anyway, my hostel is a big NO NO for me to study in. It’s so dark, cozy and will definitely sleep once I open my notes and books. So, I’ll force myself to study in the study area of my campus. No one talks loudly there. They whisper and some even prefer to go out of this extremely stressful place to talk to each other. I even have to tip toe to enter and walk out of this (no words to describe) place.


2 miserable days ago…

I did this in the study area =))

Enjoying taking picture of my own. I know I'm such a poser...What to do? Haha...
Btw, people, do not use the word cam whore because "Camgirls who

performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam 

software in exchange for money, goods, or attention are 

sometimes called camwhore" sited from Wikipedia. Instead of camwhore, selca is a better word, means self and capture.

She was eating seedless liquorice plum.That was why her teeth were yellow...


This was what I did too =P

Poke poke, poke poke... "hey hey... Don't you feel ticklish?"

I'm here to squash you!!! Ngek ngek ngek ngek... =)

Being naughty at times makes me feel so happy! =)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

suffocating with CVS T.T

Awesomeness of Coffee

People… Fyi, I’m now currently studying about cardiovascular system aka CVS. It’s so much to study that I feel like DYING already!!! Every night I must drink at least a tin or cup of cold refreshing coffee to improve my concentration. I am not sleepy but I just feel so hard to stay focus. Thanks to the existence of coffee which save my life!!!

I really like this as it is stated at its can – DEEP CHILL SENSATION. Probably they added mint in it that is why it feels so good after drinking.

Have you ever tried coffee from Ipoh? Especially white coffee? The coffee that they make are much aromatic, less sweet and really concentrated. This Ipoh Old Town White Coffee (tinned) is much concentrated compared to other coffee (tinned) that I've tried before but of course it doesn’t taste as good as the ones in Ipoh and from Old Town White Coffee shop itself.

After drinking this awesome drink, i could really feel my heart beat pounded so fast (tachycardia) that I was actually taken aback at first. But since it is so effective, "nevermind-lah".... Haha...

For the love of breakfast

For the love of breakfast

I’m going to talk about food again…please please don’t get bored with me. Recently I practice healthy breakfast every single day. A day without breakfast makes my day really dull. You must be thinking, healthy breakfast in Aimst uni? Lol… Obviously I don’t eat breakfast from the cafĂ©, except if my supplies are out of stock.

Recently i really go nuts with muesli. Probably most of you don't like oats because it doesn't taste that good and plain. But trust me, this is really good. The one that I really like is Dorset cereals. Its packaging is really classy and i bet u have noticed it too. The branding is fun, and it conveys a natural and wholesome approach with its choice of colours and the cut-out in the shape of grain so that the consumer can see the contents of the package. 

So far I’ve tried the purple one – Dorset cereals luscious berries and cherries. it consists of zingy blackcurrants, cherries, cranberries, raspberries & blueberries with sweet raisins, sultanas & lovely flakes. Awesome isn’t it? I eat that with cold fresh milk. It is really nice and I think that’s the best and most healthy breakfast for me so far!!! Besides, all these can easily get from Tesco!
the fresh milk that I drink.... Yummy. =)

just woke up from sleep, hair is a little messy...

face of satisfaction ^.^

Saturday, 15 September 2012


I believe lots of people out there are trying to diet especially females. I bet you are too! However, people are shy to talk about it. I just don’t know why. You should actually share if you have achieved your targeted goals and help your friends who are overweight or obese by advising them. Maybe you think it’s very rude to do so but it is for their good. Think about it… Don’t be so selfish. Shame on you… =P


For your information, our stomach is just about the size of our fist. And people tend to eat much more than it. Slowly, your stomach will increase in size and the amount of food needed to satisfy yourself will tend to increase. So, what should you do if you have been eating for such large portion of food for years? EAT LESS!!! Decrease food intake will not shrink your stomach but it can help to reset your "appetite thermostat" so you won't feel as hungry, and it may be easier to stick with your eating plan.
However, eat less does not mean that you can eat whatever you want as long as it is small portion…

I bet all of you are very familiarize with this food pyramid since seven, perhaps? But why aren’t you following it? Will you ever make mistakes in the sequence of ABC? No right? Because it has been imprinted in us since young but why not this?
Speaking of this, I also do not follow this. Haha … But from now onwards, I’ll try my best to follow it =)

The 2nd thing is that, it’s better to eat many small portions of meals instead of 1 or 2 or 3 big portion of meals per day. It can increase your metabolism. Your energy level will be stable instead of peaking and plummeting.

3rd , people, don’t be so lazy to exercise!!! You may not need to go jogging or gym every day. But simple things like using the stairs instead of lifts, walk instead of driving if it’s short distance, go shopping ( I bet girls like this ), and etc, will really help a lot. One important note, do not sit too much!!! Like now, I bet you are sitting. Haha gotcha!!! if you are watching TV or using the laptop or working, make a habit to stand and stretch your body or make some movements for like 2-3minutes after an hour of sitting. It’ll not waste much of your time.

4th, I heard people say rice has really high caloric value. But we are Asians!!! We survive with rice! Yea, but for those who want to diet, reduce your portion of rice. It does help a lot. Reduce from two bowls to 1 bowl or 1 to ¾…or maybe just take 1 meal of rice per day. Other food like vegetables, fruits and meat, remain the same. You can see the difference.

BTW, you will not be able to be slimmer in a day or two. It’s depends on how persistence and consistence you are. So, be patient and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Friday, 14 September 2012


My bff - Elaine Lim

hELLO <3

It's been long i ever posted something in this blog...
Almost lost the passion of blogging T.T

Btw, imma in 2nd year of uni and time passes really fast. I don't really know what I've had been doing since after my high school. I travel from places to places to further my studies. From my hometown, KL, i went all the way down to south, Johor and now, I'll stuck in this paddy field state (north), Kedah for another 3 years. I REALLY WANNA GO HOME!!!

Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of my life. I’ve lost contact with so many of my friends even since I enter uni. Some of them have been part of my life for years and were very important to me, whom made several of my years meaningful and so colourful. How can I afford to lose them? I don't want to miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to me.

My dearie Michelle
My dearie Michelle is in Canada now... Miss her lots. 

from the left : me, michelle, shu ting and elaine
The 3 of us always 'ponteng' class whenever teachers asked us to do our own stuff  ^^
Being naughty at times is kinda fun =)

These people are always my " bestest" friends!!! No doubt =)

Tall right that guy? guess what? the third guy, chaur jang, is almost 6foot. So, what do you think the ang mo would be?
By the way, he's from New Zealand =)

Ken Ken - I always like him lots ^^
Jonas from Gernan
A very very nice guy... I wonder how is he doing in German  now...
Vincent Choy

My crazy classmates =)
Jac Lyn and Xin Jian
Almost had a crush on this guy... lol....

James - In Usm now.
Smarty pants!


One of the smartest guy i've ever seen =)
Great guy!!!

Jia Mei, Jac Lyn, and Sue Ann... Everyone is doing great now...
Happy for them =)