I am who I am

I am who I am

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Last day Shopping in KL before going back to AIMST !

On the first day I’m back to KL, I've been telling my family that I want to shop in IUtama at least once. And yesterday, was the perfect day to go before going back to AIMST. From 4 pm  I had been begging Vincent to get prepared but he said he needs to sleep for an hour first. OK I tolerated with him. 1 hour later, I woke him up. Then he said he is not going and ask me to go with daddy. WHAT THE… I waited for an hour and you said this. Then I kept bugging him nonstop. I knew I’m irritating but this will be my last ma… 1 month later only I can go back to KL =( *sobs sobs* At 7 pm only we started our journey. *sweat~* then Vincent suggested somewhere else. Sunway Giza. OK fine… Since I haven’t been there. 

Tired of waiting for him.ZZZ… 3 hours of waiting =(

On the way to Sunway Giza...


So fast then they decorate for Christmas already...

Me love the decoration there <3
Dress from dress me up
Belt from Voir
Shoes from Alain Delon


Bangle of the day, from Bali, Indonesia

Carlo Rino bag

Lol i know this is stupid but then not many people have seen this yet right???

Had this for dinner. I forget to see the name of the Chinese restaurant. But it's beside Aunty Lan restaurant. The food is not bad =)


And lastly, this for dessert. Buahaha. Don't know which to choose... 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cupcakes and cookies from pretty girl

Yesterday, there was this very pretty girl who purposely came to my house and gave me a few cute and lovely cupcakes and coconut cookies =) How sweet of her right? I crave for cakes and cookies (having sweet tooth) ever since I’m back to KL but none of my family members free to bring me out to eat. So sad… But this girl!!! Oh… I love her!!!

Guess what? I curi-curi bring all these cakes and cookies to my bedroom so that my hungry and greedy brothers can't fight for those tempting cakes!!! Haha, how cheeky of me, right? Anyway, that was my expression when I first opened the box of cupcakes.

There are 2 types of cupcakes. Hokkaido and also chocolate chip cupcakes. Both are so nice...Awww... Vincent and I love the chocolate chip cupcake because the dark chocolate is thick enough =) *love much* Mummy and William love the other one. Not so sweet, just nice. Perfect for us,who don't like too sweet stuff.

This is the coconut cookies =) We all love this! *Awesome* One person eat 2 pieces... Not enough for us. *sobs sobs* Too nice already. Besides, she wrapped so nicely for us. AWWWW...

Close view of the Hokkaido cake =)

Selca in front of those cupcakes. *drool*

It's as if I'm celebrating my birthday... Smiling to those cupcakes while making a big fat wish... I hope this year, I'll be able to... LOL. Not gonna tell u =P
Bye bye...

Monday, 12 November 2012

Magic? Mentalism? or Satanic Power?


Do you believe in magic? I never believe and am too afraid to believe in. I know there are lots of people out there who take classes on magic tricks. Thus, I’m very sure those people obviously do not have the real supernatural power. Just tricks, to fool people’s eyes like us. However, there are still some, which I really can’t tell and explain. Should I say that they are just incredible and special? Or scary? One of the most famous magicians is like Leonardo Da Vinci.

My brother, Vincent has a friend named Zlwin Chew who is a magician. He claimed himself as a mentalist instead of magician. He said it's all due to mental power but not magic. As long as he focuses, he can bend a spoon by staring at it, make a coin sip into a closed bottle, make easy tricks like disappearing and reappearing of things and lots more. Vincent said he had seen him doing those "things" life!!! According to him again, Zlwin always randomly perform in clubs before he was famous. Today,he is in Manila doing performance for Resorts World. Incredible dude, isn't he?

Yesterday, Vincent showed me another guy, who is also a mentalist, who posted a few videos of himself performing magic/ psychic/ black magic/ whatever it is called, in public. In the 1st video, i kept saying, "Aiya fake la this... This is definitely inhuman and freaking creepy." Magic is a big fat NO for me. How could a human possibly do such thing. Plus some of my friends convince me that that's definitely not their own work. Perhaps they practice SATAN!!! But after watching the 2nd, 3rd and i guess all his videos, I have to say it's definitely SATAN's job or he is no doubt the SPECIAL one!!!! It's the same like those who have magnetic force on their body, whereby metal objects can get attracted to their body!

He is just one in many. God's creation? LOL... Just accept the fact that i'm not THAT SPECIAL.

Ok back to the other mentalist, he is also known as YIF. He can do extreme things. Watch and you'll know. He is superb, amazing, incredible, awesome,and no words to describe him. 1 thing that I'm blown off is that he's handsome! But but but... He has the kind of weird aura to me. Devilish? I don't know...

Curious to know how different is he from you? Watch these few videos below!!! For those who don't understand Mandarin, there's English subtitles in every videos.




So what do you think about him? Speechless? Eyes pop out? Mouth open wide? That's exactly how my expression was. To watch more videos of him, you may go to youtube and type "yif art of magic".

Ok have a nice day =)

                                 Have a Great Day

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Zombie dances really well !!!

Hey peeps! Here is another type of gangnam style. But this video shows how funny and brilliant idea they have. The front part might be a lil boring but make sure you all continue watching. This is just too good =) I believe this video will definitely hit millions after a few days... Enjoy =)

Awesome right? 
Hope I did light up your day !

When siblings meet each other... Vincent can take pictures and hang out with me but William, such a pity, having SPM now. No time to choi me... LOL...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Obama Gangnam Style!!!

Hei yo! I’m back home and this was and still is the best place on earth to relax and chill. So happy to see my family again after 2months apart. *sobs sobs* Tears of joy =) The time seems to pass so fast here, don’t know why. Without realizing, more than 24 hours have past. Oh god… 9 more days then I’ve to go back to uni again. Haihz…

Btw, took picture for my passport yesterday. Guess where am I going this year? I don’t think anyone will be able to guess it right because even I myself couldn’t believe my family will be having a vacation there during Christmas. I thought it would be China again but it’s not… It’s Turkey!!! Couldn’t guess it correctly, right? LOL… Then when I told my friends about it, my friends said “ Wah, you go to Turkey for turkey during Christmas?” LOL… However, fyi, Turkey is an Islamic country. So no Christmas celebration in Turkey, I guess. And not many people choose this place as their vacation destination. Probably it’s not that famous for perfect destination, if to compare with the others. Middle East country ma... What is in your mind about Turkey now? Haven’t even heard of it? Haha… I heard the ice-cream there is superb. Don't know how superb is it. Will blog about it after the vacation. So remember to stay tune ya… Don’t worry, be happy =)

Here’s a video to entertain you guys and girls… To celebrate for Obama, being elected as the US President once again, I proudly present to you all with this video of ‘HIM’ dancing Obama Gangnam Style!!! Can’t believe it? You may rub your eyes for thousand and one times… LOL.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Annyong Haseyo~

Back From MIA for 2WeekS~

Woots I’m back! It’s been more than 2weeks I stopped blogging due to exams. Exams, exams and exams… The current system I’m studying is Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) system. This system is only 4weeks + 1week of Deepavali holidays. Then after that EXAM again…

Btw, after my exams on Friday, I had no time to blog because I was busy watching 36hours on call, a Hong Kong medical drama. I know I’m so outdated but yea… Haha. That drama is so good and I learned a lot. Before this, I had great passion in becoming a Dr. But after so much of studying and lack of motivations; I do not feel the interest and fun of studying my course. It’s as if I’m studying for the sake of exams but not the passion of fire to help people in future, like I used to have during my teens. However, after watching that drama, screams of regret kept flowing in my mind and I believe the passion is back! I believe and I really do hope so. Dr is such a serious job and my attitude tells me that I’m so far away from that. Mummy always nags me for that too but it never seem to stuck in my head. Now, soon to be 21 (dai gor lui) already, I must learn to be real responsible and serious. * fingers crossed*

Ok, enough of nagging for myself. I’ll be going back to my beloved KL this week. Yahoo!!! The last time I went back was during the Raya holidays. OMG!!! I can’t believe I’m stuck here for 2 freaking months already… Yet, I'm still surviving. No wonder I’m so depressed at times. It’s time to breath KL air. Miss the hustle and bustle life there.

Ok guess you are bored of reading this already…Gonna stop typing and sleep...

Oh ya! I would like to say thanks to all my readers and so sorry for MIA (missing in action) for so long. I received a few inbox of readers asking why I stop blogging and all. Really thanks a lot. So sweet of you all… =)

Sayonara ~~