I am who I am

I am who I am

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Obama Gangnam Style!!!

Hei yo! I’m back home and this was and still is the best place on earth to relax and chill. So happy to see my family again after 2months apart. *sobs sobs* Tears of joy =) The time seems to pass so fast here, don’t know why. Without realizing, more than 24 hours have past. Oh god… 9 more days then I’ve to go back to uni again. Haihz…

Btw, took picture for my passport yesterday. Guess where am I going this year? I don’t think anyone will be able to guess it right because even I myself couldn’t believe my family will be having a vacation there during Christmas. I thought it would be China again but it’s not… It’s Turkey!!! Couldn’t guess it correctly, right? LOL… Then when I told my friends about it, my friends said “ Wah, you go to Turkey for turkey during Christmas?” LOL… However, fyi, Turkey is an Islamic country. So no Christmas celebration in Turkey, I guess. And not many people choose this place as their vacation destination. Probably it’s not that famous for perfect destination, if to compare with the others. Middle East country ma... What is in your mind about Turkey now? Haven’t even heard of it? Haha… I heard the ice-cream there is superb. Don't know how superb is it. Will blog about it after the vacation. So remember to stay tune ya… Don’t worry, be happy =)

Here’s a video to entertain you guys and girls… To celebrate for Obama, being elected as the US President once again, I proudly present to you all with this video of ‘HIM’ dancing Obama Gangnam Style!!! Can’t believe it? You may rub your eyes for thousand and one times… LOL.