I am who I am

I am who I am

Saturday, 13 October 2012



I was wondering what to write for my blog and I found some really awesome info to share with you all. This is gonna be good, I promise you.

There are a few inventions are made for the sake of beauty, which are really crazy and painful!!! Would you try using after looking at them? You might answer no now. But if everyone has the same mindset as you, why is the demand of these scary things are higher and higher and more “awesome creative” inventions are being made day by day? Perhaps you should try. Who knows? Maybe you’ll turn out to be pretty, sexy, gorgeous babes or sexy, charming, handsome dude? One important key point: After trying then tell me whether there is any side effect or not ya… You’ll be the white mice. Haha… Just kidding…

1) Dermaroller

Look at this invention! Can you see those tiny, painful needles? OMG!!! Guess where this is used at? Your hands? Legs? Body? NOOOO!!! It's at your smooth face! It was last year's cult beauty hit - despite looking like an instrument of medieval torture! 

The needle-studded roller, reportedly loved by Angelina Jolie, works by puncturing the face with 0.5-1.5mm pins, causing it to bleed and stimulating the body's natural healing process. 

It sounds barbaric but advocates claim that the wounds encourage new collagen and elastin to form which rejuvenates the skin, improves hydration and thereby reduces lines and scarring.

Can you still believe this is happening? I'm not too sure too... LOL...

2) Shape your nose and make it higher

1  Clothes pin? Perhaps can be used as clothes pin too. Btw, this is nose pin. It is extremely strong! Imagine strong clothes pin is clipped on your nose. Ouch, it hurts! Look stupid right? However, this will stretch out the cartilage of your nose with some serious force, until you have reached that "Pinocchio" look you've always wanted.

Actually I've a friend's sister who is actually using this and she said she used to have really flat nose and now her nose is beautiful, to me. Not flat at all.

3) Mouth stretcher

Thinking what the heck is this? Btw, this is not from Korea. To get things right, people always think that Korean always do plastic surgery and care about their appearance a lot. This is actually from Japan and they use this to learn how to smile and to get a toned face. Seriously? After looking at this, i did face toning manually by placing both of my baby fingers into my mouth and try contracting/ closing my stretched mouth. After doing that for about 20times, i did feel a little effect on my face muscle. Perhaps it really helps in slimming my fat face. Yippee!!! Oh ya, I was talking about plastic surgery... Below is the statistics of top rank countries that their people did plastic surgery. I thought South Korea would be no 1 but it's not...

Rank                Total Cosmetic Procedures
1.     US                3,031,146
2.     Brazil            2,475,237
3.     China           2,193,935
4.     India                894,700
5.     Mexico            835,280
6.     Japan              742,324
7.     S. Korea          659,213
8.     Germany         524,842
9.     Italy                  350,250
10.  Russia             345,920
11.  Turkey             340,144
12.  Spain               326,802
13.  Argentina        297,813
14.  France             297,438
15.  Hungary          232,981
16.  Canada           216,623
17.  Colombia        192,678
18.  UK                    190,378
19.  Taiwan            186,355
20.  Venezuela      166,274
21.  Thailand          136,798
22.  Australia          130,200
23.  Portugal           128,206
24.  Belgium           126,283
25.  Saudi Arabia   116,666

What about Malaysia? =( Oh Malaysian oh Malaysian, please be more beauty conscious so that next time I can earn more by being a plastic surgeon. LOL... But it's true. That's my current ambition ^^

4) Get thinner by cutting out a rib

Guess since when this type of surgery has been practiced? It was since 1900. Can you believe it? Human are just incredibly amazing! Originally it was a rare procedure performed in special conditions to gain access to the internal organs of a patient. It was found to make the waist seem much slimmer than usual! So yea this is it. I seriously shake my head a few times when I read this. Still couldn't believe it.

5) Get taller by breaking your legs

Despite all the plastic surgeries, one might thought it's impossible to be taller after being an adult but actually i think the quote "everything is possible" or "just do it" are so true! 

First, the doctors slice open your legs and your thigh bones are seen in two. Then, they graft a bunch of metal rods and screws in the middle of the bones and link them to cumbersome metal braces outside the limbs.

And what's the fun part?

After stitching up, they hand you a little remote control with the push of a button, makes the steel rod inside your legs expand by one millimeter. This will enlarge the bone gap within your legs, literally tearing the femur apart and thus stretching each leg by force.

This is how you'll look like after doing so. LMAO... Once a day, every day, you must inflict this terrible, horrible and vegetable pain in order to gain those extra inches. This lasts for up to three months. After that, there will be another surgery and a rehab period of up to six months. 

This procedure was invented in China but they banned this because they think it's too dangerous and painful but Westerners think that this leg stretching thingy is cool.

My dad has a colleague whom his daughter is very short (dwarfism). She flew to US to do this surgery. It took almost 1year to fully recover and from 135cm, it increased to 147cm !!! Awesome right? 

Oh ya! Just imagine while you are sleeping in the middle of the night, someone sneak into your room and press that remote... Oh God bless you!

Who knows you might able to be like that in a day ?! LOL...

Became free delivery sandwiches and S'moores seller, ice-cream seller, root beer float seller, ice-cream bread seller and money collector today. What a tiring but fun AIMST convocation day =) Btw, the thingy i was holding is sushi (obviously) made by Jee Can, President of LEO club. Not bad...

Friday, 12 October 2012

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*Wow, muka tembok giler this girl*

oh i LOVE jelly beans, roller skates and Christmas! This combination will definitely make people feel happy and joyful =) This is just so cute!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hey, I just met you And this is crazy, Here’s my number, But pls don’t call me ~

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy,
Here’s my number,
But pls don’t call me ~

Sorry for changing the lyrics of the song but seriously it only applies on certain situation. This song comes into my mind because something really crazy happened to me yesterday.

I was in a rush to buy food from my uni's mart. Super hungry... I dressed really badly and my hair was not combed after taking a nap, so I think it was messy. I don't really care about my outlook that time because I was not going there for long. Just go there to grab some bread then ciao. 

So when I was paying for my bread, there was this uncle, I guess he is in his 50s almost 60, approached me. As usual, when strangers meet each other, they will ask each other’s personal details. Same goes to that uncle.

1st, he started by asking my name, what course I’m studying in, where I am from, the environment in my uni and whether I like my uni or not. I thought he was one of the students’ parent so I answered him politely and obviously smile. It was like an interview because I kept answering his questions without asking him back.

Then the weird part arose when he started asking whether I’ve boyfriend or not. Not to be rude, but what for? But yet I answered him politely because mummy always say, “we must always respect the old”.

The next weird thing was when he asked me for my mobile phone no. I was like what the heck you want from me? You want to know more info about this uni for your child is it? I was still being positive at that moment, thinking that perhaps it was for his child. Wanted to lie to him saying that I don’t have but I was holding. So, I gave him and immediately he missed call me and told me his name. I didn’t enter his name in my mobile phone because I didn’t really listern to his name. just named him stranger. I knew something was not right.

And everything revealed when he asked me when I am free and he wanted to bring me out around SP since I’m from KL. I just nodded and forcefully smiled. Then, I quickly ended the conversation saying that I’ve class even though it’s already 6.15pm. Haha. Then he said “I’ll call you on Friday to bring you out, okay?” Then I simply replied “ok bye bye”.

Then he offered his hand to shake with me. I was seriously blank and didn’t know what to do and stupidly, I shake his hand. Guess what he did? Rub my hands? NO!!! He twisted my hand so that the back of my hands face him and he looked deeply into my hands. And guess what? My bread immediately fell on the floor. LOL. Then I picked it up and ciao!

So, seriously,
hey uncle,
I just met you,
This is crazy,
Here’s my number
But pls don’t call me ~

So guys and girls, if you are curious to know whether he would call me on this Friday, stay tune my blog  Me too, am very curious. Haha...   

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Curse All Is WeLL ♥

Hope All Is Well ~~~

Lecture hall used to be filled with the voices of our lecturers and Doctors, and perhaps voices of some inattentive and annoying students (like me – chatting with uncontrollable voice, at times like loud speaker and the most famous one, giggling with squeaky voice as background music).

However, nowadays, coughing and sneezing here, there and everywhere. Everyone around me seems to be having “respiratory distress” (using this word in conjunction to my recent course system on respiratory system. Haha…).

I kept going around asking are you ok? Have you visited the doctor? Or have you taken your medicine? (Seriously, I’m sick of asking already… Cuz too many people sick now!!! )

I feel blessed, as so far I am still ok, doing fine, no sneezing, no cough and no cold. But my mum always remind me, don’t ever be so bold in saying things like this as they are very “kecil hati”. Same goes to pimples. I used to say “Yeah! No pimples today!” Then the next day, POPPP! Signs of pimples appear. =(

Anyway, I think it’s due to the weather. I realize it rains almost every night. A night without blanket definitely makes me in fetal position and unable to sleep comfortably. And also, every morning, I will spend extra time in the bathroom; refuse to close the running lukewarm water pouring on my bare skin.

this is how fetal position look like.
but of course with clothes la~
Can freeze to death lo if like that...

So, people, just a few pieces of advices for you all; always bring umbrella along with you and in case if you get caught in the pouring rain, make sure you take a shower and change to new, dry set of clothes. I don’t know what the reason behind taking a shower is but that’s what all the oldies say. So just follow, ok???

Also, it’s advisable to drink warm fluid and take more vitamins to boost the immune system.

P/S: To you guys and girls, who are sick now, get well soon ya…. Waiting to hear good news from you all ^.^

So are you ok? I know I can't help but just wondering =)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

spread your LOVE...


Here is a 5 minute short clip. Not going to tell you what is it about. Curious to know? Watch it and you will know =)

So how is it? He’s such a sweet guy right? Glad that he wasn't a hypocrite. Anyway, that’s not my purpose of putting that video clip up. I just hope that you all will spread your love to instill common acts of kindness and positive attitudes as part of people’s everyday life. SAY NO to discrimination of differences in skin colour, hair colour, religion, gender, power, wealth and disabled. Really HATE HATE HATE those that discriminate others!!!

Spread your love not your legs

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Beautiful things heal my soul =)

Beautiful things heal my soul

I've come across this website and I would like to share with you all… This website has seriously lots of beautiful photographs by one of the best photographers especially from New York, that could make people like me, to keep looking n looking at their photographs for hours. They inspire me a lot.
 I bet you would fall in love with them too  =)
Here’s their website. :

The photographs above are by Judy Pak, New York.
How I wish he could be my photographer on my wedding day =) LOL... Perhaps 10 more years to go... I'm a dreamer  =p

There are lots of other photographs by other great photographers from 79 ideas like below... AWW...LOVE =)