I am who I am

I am who I am

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Had fun out there ^^


Today I’m going to blog about pool party that I had been to last week. Only get to blog now because our awesome photographer, Herrick only get to post the photographs yesterday. That day was the craziest day for me since I entered medical school. We had pool party to celebrate for Ze Jian’s birthday bash. Before going there, a few of us were worried because we do not know what pool party it’ll turn out to be. Is it like what those Americans used to have or pool party but no one party in the pool? Then we also did discuss of what attire to wear. To wear dress or beach attire. I know you might laugh at us because we sound really stupid and conservative for asking questions like that. But yea… We seriously did have a discussion on that.

Me, Jun Sze, Lay Hoon, Qing Wei,Yi Shan and LiZu from the left. 
Picture taken after we enjoyed the food served by Bandar 
Laguna Merbok Club.

Picture of us in the pool. Not many girls entered the pool because most of them did not bring extra clothes. Only 5 out of erm… perhaps 30? girls went into the pool. I shouldn’t use the word went because we were literally thrown into the pool! I spotted a guy actually took off his clothes (with packs) and jumped into the pool! Such a breathtaking scene!!! He claimed that instead of being thrown, why not he jump in himself since he knew he’ll get wet somehow. Woah… What an answer    

This is the birthday boy, Ze Jian ^^ Torn surrounded by Roses, lucky him.

With the pretty babes- SherMinn, Stevie,Argon, Eileen

With my seatmates - The Eileensssss

it's an honor to be able to take picture with the dean lists - Sue Theng , Bing Jian a.k.a. BJ

the awesome photographer - Herrick ( does he look like Ruan Jing Tian?)

Great friends =) Always sitting together, make noise together and gossip together ^^

Epic Moments...

Op op op oppa gangnam style... 

Fuiyo… He was trying to do hair advertistment…

Such a poser =.=

Nice shot!

The most epic one!!! Mr. M’sia 2012 ^^

That’s all for today =)