I am who I am

I am who I am

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Passion Keeps Me Alive!

Hi people!!! Ok this will be a super long post, since I haven't been updating my blog for so bloody long. Ok let me tell you what I've been doing for this past few weeks and months. I think I just had the most hectic moment I ever had in my entire 21years so far... Life as a medical student is already hectic enough and people always complain of unable to finish their syllabus even before exam and yet, I participated in so-extremely many activities. Being in charge of the publicity of the well-known event in AIMST Uni, Music of Hope (MOH), President of Dance Club, attending 3 dancing classes (Latin, hip hop and belly dance) and also performing Latin and Kpop for the event and of course attending lectures and also studying, i was really exhausted and I guess I can call myself Iron Lady (the not-as-famous-as the Iron Man or Iron Lady movie). How I'm able to survive this few months? Everyday, I dare not think what I'm supposed to do tomorrow as what I'm supposed to do next is already making my head almost burst. Because things just kept overlapping one over another. My everyday routine was attending lectures, then straight to dance studio (choreograph, choreograph and choreograph, dance, dance and dance) then study, study and study. Besides, I also crack my head to think of ways to promote the event. Really thanks a lot to Kevin Liew, who helped me a lot in making our kpop performance so great and also Dhruv for helping me in choreographing and making our salsa dance really spicy!!! And also to others who performed with me. All of them are so great! Love them all...

Being the publicity of this MOH event, I seriously learned a lot. From knowing nothing, I agreed to take up that post and thinking that it'll not be that hard, how childish of me. It isn't easy as things have to be done according to protocols and the amount of people who attend that event is all depend on how good the event is publicized. What my team and I did were:

a) Hanging banners around
b) sticking flyers around
c) contacting almost all the radio stations in Msia ( not sure if you heard about our event in one of the English fm)
d) contacting all types of press
e) giving out flyers from houses to houses
f) making announcements in lecture halls
g) persuading friends to attend
h) publicize in shopping malls
i) publicize through Facebook

this was the very first flyer I did. It was so bad =(

All these were my failed flyers. Haha

By Yee Shan

Start to be better but still not informative enough and too squarish and circlish?
the final one =) yahoo.. at last...

flyer for audition by me. simple and nice =)

banner designed by Naga. So nice =)

Flyer for EMCEE Audition by me

Food fiesta flyer by me

Ticket designed by Naga. So elegant...

As for the dance club, I'm really glad that there are lots of people who join our dance classes. Altogether  there are around 80 over people who join dance club classes. Woohoo!!! The dance studio is too small to fit us all. Am requesting to enlarge the room. Before this I faced with lots of problems regarding this club, for example, finding professional instructors from outside, book the one and only dance studio in AIMST Uni which is always used by students here, writing in to registrar to request for allowing instructors to enter to AIMST, requesting for allowing us to collect fees from students,which is not allowed in the beginning and also request for not to change the only dance studio to Physiotherapy clinic.

Then as for the MOH performance, 5 boys danced Breathe and Beautiful Night by Beast and another 5 girls dance Like This by Wonder Girls and also Sexy Love by T-ara. Then both groups of guys and girls dance Gentleman by PSY. I joined them for Sexy Love and Gentleman.

this are all the kpop dancerzzz ...
We rock man!!!
 credits to our hip hop instructor, Mr. Harris who is also a very good photographer =)

Sexy love outfit =)

quite blur but I really like this pic...

Raymond, Kevin, LiQi, Hoi Lai, ZacZack

Big head =P

Got Taeyang feel!

Cadence, me, Peiying, Yi Huah, JiaYing, Natalie
I'm in a different outfit because I'll be performing Latin first.

And for my Latin dance, Dhruv is my partner. He is a really good dancer and he used to perform a lot not only in Malaysia. Glad that we have sparks that produce dancing!!! It's really very hard to find someone who  really has the passion in dancing and at the same time have to study for exam.

It's really nice collaborating with him. Will do it again next year, by God's grace =) Both our performances, kpop and also Latin got a lot of praises from people. Hopefully this can help in promoting dance club's name =P Hehe...

Even though I was really really busy with everything and also exams, it left me utterly exhausted, but the fun I had easily outweighed my tiredness. Plus, there’s just something satisfying, even invigorating, about being that busy. I like having so much on my plate. It makes me feel like I’m living a productive and happy life. Besides I tend to start learning to worry about things. However, I see stress as a positive thing. Worrying switches our brain on! It helps us to actually take a situation seriously. It also helps us to think through different alternatives to a situation and prepares us for what is ahead of us. Without worry, we would just be acting on impulse and dealing with horrifying consequences. But, obviously, the key separation here is the level of worry. It’s the need to reduce the level of worry and keep it at a positive level without it leading to psychological or physical harm, of course... It is easy to be said than to be done. Sometimes I feel that motivation is not enough for one to achieve something but sacrifice and passion play very important role in it.

That's all for today. Will update more about this MOH event soon. Have a nice day!