I am who I am

I am who I am

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Confession to be made, just for you, mummy

I thought mummy doesn't want to reply my SMS because I asked her to do something for me. I used to ask her to help me to do things since I was born  without saying please sincerely, which means I take her for granted, I guess. I was so scared and regret for asking her to help me even though I'm far away from her and I'm supposed to be independent. Waiting for her SMS was like waiting for rain during drought. She did not reply me... I couldn't sleep for almost the whole night, scared that she is angry of me. I couldn't concentrate in lecture the next day. And am so sorry to Evie because I wasn't in good mood, so didn't really talk much. I wanted to call her so badly but am scared...

However, she called me just now and in my mind, I kept saying ,"Oh I think I'm dead meat this time". When I picked up the call, it was my younger brother, William, saying mummy did what I asked her to already and why didn't I reply mummy's SMS. I felt a sudden relief and about to break down. Wanted to break down not because of my lousy mobile phone but because of her. I do not know how to describe my feelings that time but a sudden realization just hit me that moment, knowing that mummy is always there for me, encourage me, giving me the greatest support i ever needed no matter what. Even though she always scolds me and I'm always against her, yet she never let me go and still loves me very very much. I do not know how to thank her for what she had done for me. There have been times in my life in which I've fallen or failed, times at which I've no friends to turn to, times in which I saw my dreams will not come true, but she is the one who has always been there for me. She said that she hated me. Not once, but twice, perhaps thrice. That sentence always pierce my heart to the max no matter how many times I hear it. And every time I recall that sentence it never fails to make me cry like a child. No one can ever hurt me as much as her because she is the most important person to me. She is my life, my soul. I know she doesn't mean it. I know she loves me very very much, more than anyone else could ever love me.

Sincerely thank you for being such a devoted mum and being part of my life. No one can ever replace you in my heart, mummy. You are definitely placed the first, not anyone else. I do not know why only now I come to this realization but seriously, I think this is the first time I strongly feel I can't live without you, mummy. Please please please  stay healthy so that I can see you for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 more years. I want you to see me, having a successful career, having my own family and bringing you to tour around the world. 

I love you very much, mummy. I can't say this like how William is able to say to you but I want you to know that I love you very much. Thank you for being my mother and mum. I may not able to express well, but every single word is really from my heart and I'm crying very badly now without anyone scolding me. Haha... Mummy, I love you... I wish to say a thousand times... Love you, love you, love you...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

P.S I. L.O.V.E Y.O.U

Sorry ya, i have the urge to write this suddenly because I just realized how ignorant and disgraceful I am towards my family members and especially to my parents. Honoring, obeying and bringing happiness to the hearts of  parents, should come easier to a daughter but I fail. I hope I truly realise it now and always willing to learn until I'm in my grave.

I believe most of you love your parents right? No matter how cold blooded you are or how much they have hurt you before, deep down, definitely there is space for them in your heart. And you know what? If you love them, please do not be shy to let them know! Sometimes parents don't really know whether their children appreciate them for everything that they do and when a parent believes that their child isn't grateful or doesn't appreciate what they do for their children, it can make them really really upset and make them feel like they failed in someway. It's the same goes to your bf/ gf/ husband/ wife. If you realize, sometimes your partner/ spouse just like to ask "DO YOU LOVE ME?". Why? Are the 3 words that powerful? Of course, no doubt! So if you can easily say those 3 words to your partners/spouse, why not your own parents? For those who seem to forget when was the last time you said that to your parents, find the courage to tell them more often. Nobody dies with the regret of telling someone too often how much they cared, but people die everyday with their hearts still wounded from a love they never truly expressed.

I, too am learning to express myself more. Wouldn't it be incredible if we as a human race could drop our defenses for just one day, and be completely expressive without fear? How I wish we would have the capacity to just tell people the honest meaning they carry in our lives, the effect they have on us, and the course we would like to see the relationship grow even when we are already in the relationship. Omission of expression is nearly the same thing as taking one for granted, I truly believe.

Quotes of the day :
"Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, and misses you. Because one day, you might wake up from your sleep and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars." 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Free Egg McMuffin for McDonald's National Breakfast Day

Last night, before I went to bed, I made a list of my top priorities for the day and I was really looking forward to wake up early in the morning and get through a number of major tasks. Yet what happened this morning? I turned the alarm off and went back to my comfy bed for an hour – my excuse? I didn't have any dates or work to do today and I thought I deserve the rest because I've been lacking of sleep for weeks (Although I know lacking of sleeping hours is irreplaceable) . 
Regardless of whether that was true or not, what happened after I woke up was even more interesting – I just felt completely lazy. It was almost as if I was more tired after several hours sleep than before I went to bed. This has happened to me countless times before and I’ve come to the conclusion that our feelings of laziness and boredom are two of our biggest barriers to increase productivity and ultimately achieving our goals.

However, I've no reasons to be lazying around on the 18th of March. WHY??? Our beloved McDonald's will be celebrating National Breakfast Day by giving out FREE Egg McMuffins from 7.00am - 10.00am!!!

What are you waiting for??? Quickly mark down the date in your calendar!!!

A mouthwatering combination of a farm fresh egg cooked to sunny perfection and a smoked chicken roll on a slice of high calcium cheese, all in a freshly toasted English Muffin.

Just by looking at the pictures, I'm drooling and feeling hungry already. Within minutes I'll be rushing to the kitchen and make my own GARDENIA MCMUFFIN!!! Haha... Bye <3

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

EAT EAT EAT in Penang - Food Paradise

This is the first time I stayed in Penang for 4days. Maximum 3days with family. So of course, you can imagine how much good food I had been consuming for the past few days as Penang is a Food Paradise. Obviously the kg-sss also increase la... Sienzzz... I stayed in Evie's house, Balik Pulau for these few days. Whenever we want to eat somewhere nice or shop we will go down the hill as Balik Pulau is at the hilltop. Luckily I do not have carsick, or else, the car will be flooded with my vomitus. And also thanks to Evie's kind parents for driving us up and down and treated me so well for the past 4days. KAMSAH HAMNIDA...

  • On the 2nd day, we went to First Avenue. Do nothing much there. Just eat non stop. 

First stop : Blackball

There's also Blackball in the shopping mall near my Uni but Evie is not bored with it yet. So had 'buy 1 free 1' cos she had the 10th chop. Thus, 2bowls for RM6.90 only. So CHEAP and satisfied!!! Both of us chose SOYA ICE DELIGHT.

Face of satisfaction "NOT BAD"

2nd stop : Kim Gary

There are lots of Kim Gary restaurants in KL, so I actually don't wanna eat there and it's not so nice but this princess Evie wants it so badly, so I grant her, her wish.
Noodles with chicken wings.
Disappointed as always.
You see I so sien also you know it's not nice...LOL...

3rd Station : Stick Arts

They sell different kinds of yogurt ice-creams, gelato and sorbets. What attracts us most is the pattern of those ice-creams. So cute... We bought for the sake of the cutey cutey pattern. Haha..

I chose rum and raisin dog foot gelato.
Cos I really love rum and raisin from Gelato (brand) as it's really thick, strong taste of rum and not so sweet.
But too bad this Sticky Arts is nice to see, nice to take picture but not so nice when taste.
Not thick enough, don't really know if it really has rum in it and so sweet.
Not suitable for my taste buds...

4th station : Balik Pulau
Had Balik Pulau asam laksa and bubur cha cha..
Evie had spaghetti for only RM3.50
The cheapest spaghetti I ever seen in my life!!!
Taste : I wouldn't say it's really good but for such price, it's fantastic!

  • On the 3rd day, we had the most productive day.
1st stop : Ayer Itam 

The must eat food in Penang - Char Kuey Teow
Evie claimed this stall to be the best in Penang.
But dunno what is the name of the hawker stall.
Very big right the prawns?
Yea the prawns cover almost the entire surface of the Char Kuey Teow.
But guess what? This Char Kuey Teow is soooo small portion but yet so freaking expensive - RM 6.50
really eye popping price for a hawker stall food.
but the food was no doubt thumbs up.
BUT 1 thing I don't really fancy about Penang food is that it's too oily.
This plate of mee feels really smooth and not dry not because of water or sauce they put but because of the large amount of oil. Can see the oil dripping down.
Feels so scary to think about it.
Not so good for health =(

2nd stop : Foong Wei Heong Restaurant

Claimed to be the best Chinese Cze Char style restaurant in Penang
Situated in Georgetown 

 The most awesome and authentic shark fins soup I've ever eaten...
Speechless. Just too good and so aromatic. 

 Really like the Vegetables there.
For me, this is first class cooking and really suit my 'sensitive' taste bud.
I really anti food that is too oily, salty, sweet.
Their food is just nice and just the way I want.
steamed slices of deep sea giant garoupa
the way Foong Wei Heong does this was way beyond my imagination.
well control of the fire and the fish was steamed till perfectly cooked.
the meat was so soft, tender, smooth,creamy almost, despite the deep sea giant garoupa's tendency to be firm
it felt like it melts in your mouth. 
Spiced with only soy sauce, some ginger slices and coriander...
this was way superb.
3rd Station : Nando's Restaurant

Nando's is good but I prefer Chinese food compared to Western food.
So it is unfair to judge...

That's all about  my food adventure in Penang. 
Have a nice day =)

Friday, 1 March 2013

Tua Pek Kong Temple, Sitiawan

Even though my CNY was filled with books, yet I'm still able to visit a place I haven't been before, Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sitiawan. It was my first time I really set foot in Sitiawan as my family usually go there just to have seafood nothing more nothing less.
Ok back to the temple, it is situated quite deep inside a kampung by the coast of Pasir Panjang. We used GPS to find that place. Thanks to the technology nowadays, we will not get lost no matter where we are!!! Tua Pek Kong, literally means "Grand Uncle" is one of the pantheon of Malaysian Chinese Gods. It was believed the date Tua Pek Kong arrived in Penang was 40 years before Francis Light in 1746.

Tua Pek Kong was a man named Zhang Li (张理) from the Hakka clan. His Sumatra-bound boat was struck by wind and accidentally landed on Penang island of Malaysia, which at that time had only 50 inhabitants. After his death, the local people began worshiping him and built the Tua Pek Kong temple there. Today Tua Pek Kong is worshiped by Malaysian Chinese throughout the country. Tua Pek Kong is often mistaken for Tu Di Gong, partially because of their physical similarities.
The main attraction drawing crowds of local and out-of-town visitors are 98 statues of deities and animals from the Chinese lunar calendar on the well-landscaped three-hectare compound.
The front 'gate' of the temple

Breathtaking isn't it?

I thought this can only be found in China but this was found in the temple.
known as weeping willow, 'yang liu shu'
William, The lazy piggy of the house!!!
Me, The cheeky monkey of the house!!!
Vincent, The horse of the house!!!
Who seriously eats like a horse =P

Daddy and mummy did not take pictures of their own Chinese Zodiacs.
Daddy is The quiet mouse of the house!!!
And Mummy is the beautiful tiger of the house!!!
This year is snake year, so of course must take picture with the Snake one!!!
This William always don't know how to "pei he" us =(

S3 camera sucks =( Disappointed...
Lacy blouse from LALU 
Not sure if you heard about it before but their clothes are of 80s concept.
Some very lacy, some urban and some vintage style.
Red Denim jeans from Turkey
Shoes from Carlo Rino
God that digs his ear... LOL...
Fuiyo... look at daddy's arm muscles!!! @@

Surrounded by Gods..
There's no rain that day but can you see something on daddy's left shoulders?
Some good signs by the God???
I bet you know who this 2 pictures are right?
Shu Qi and Jacky Chan.
But why were their pictures there?
I was wondering at first and many people entered these 2 places according to gender.
Then only I knew it's toilet... =.= Sweat...

Those who without GPS might find difficulties to find this place. So hopefully the picture below helps =)

That's all for today. Have a nice day =)