I am who I am

I am who I am

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

EAT EAT EAT in Penang - Food Paradise

This is the first time I stayed in Penang for 4days. Maximum 3days with family. So of course, you can imagine how much good food I had been consuming for the past few days as Penang is a Food Paradise. Obviously the kg-sss also increase la... Sienzzz... I stayed in Evie's house, Balik Pulau for these few days. Whenever we want to eat somewhere nice or shop we will go down the hill as Balik Pulau is at the hilltop. Luckily I do not have carsick, or else, the car will be flooded with my vomitus. And also thanks to Evie's kind parents for driving us up and down and treated me so well for the past 4days. KAMSAH HAMNIDA...

  • On the 2nd day, we went to First Avenue. Do nothing much there. Just eat non stop. 

First stop : Blackball

There's also Blackball in the shopping mall near my Uni but Evie is not bored with it yet. So had 'buy 1 free 1' cos she had the 10th chop. Thus, 2bowls for RM6.90 only. So CHEAP and satisfied!!! Both of us chose SOYA ICE DELIGHT.

Face of satisfaction "NOT BAD"

2nd stop : Kim Gary

There are lots of Kim Gary restaurants in KL, so I actually don't wanna eat there and it's not so nice but this princess Evie wants it so badly, so I grant her, her wish.
Noodles with chicken wings.
Disappointed as always.
You see I so sien also you know it's not nice...LOL...

3rd Station : Stick Arts

They sell different kinds of yogurt ice-creams, gelato and sorbets. What attracts us most is the pattern of those ice-creams. So cute... We bought for the sake of the cutey cutey pattern. Haha..

I chose rum and raisin dog foot gelato.
Cos I really love rum and raisin from Gelato (brand) as it's really thick, strong taste of rum and not so sweet.
But too bad this Sticky Arts is nice to see, nice to take picture but not so nice when taste.
Not thick enough, don't really know if it really has rum in it and so sweet.
Not suitable for my taste buds...

4th station : Balik Pulau
Had Balik Pulau asam laksa and bubur cha cha..
Evie had spaghetti for only RM3.50
The cheapest spaghetti I ever seen in my life!!!
Taste : I wouldn't say it's really good but for such price, it's fantastic!

  • On the 3rd day, we had the most productive day.
1st stop : Ayer Itam 

The must eat food in Penang - Char Kuey Teow
Evie claimed this stall to be the best in Penang.
But dunno what is the name of the hawker stall.
Very big right the prawns?
Yea the prawns cover almost the entire surface of the Char Kuey Teow.
But guess what? This Char Kuey Teow is soooo small portion but yet so freaking expensive - RM 6.50
really eye popping price for a hawker stall food.
but the food was no doubt thumbs up.
BUT 1 thing I don't really fancy about Penang food is that it's too oily.
This plate of mee feels really smooth and not dry not because of water or sauce they put but because of the large amount of oil. Can see the oil dripping down.
Feels so scary to think about it.
Not so good for health =(

2nd stop : Foong Wei Heong Restaurant

Claimed to be the best Chinese Cze Char style restaurant in Penang
Situated in Georgetown 

 The most awesome and authentic shark fins soup I've ever eaten...
Speechless. Just too good and so aromatic. 

 Really like the Vegetables there.
For me, this is first class cooking and really suit my 'sensitive' taste bud.
I really anti food that is too oily, salty, sweet.
Their food is just nice and just the way I want.
steamed slices of deep sea giant garoupa
the way Foong Wei Heong does this was way beyond my imagination.
well control of the fire and the fish was steamed till perfectly cooked.
the meat was so soft, tender, smooth,creamy almost, despite the deep sea giant garoupa's tendency to be firm
it felt like it melts in your mouth. 
Spiced with only soy sauce, some ginger slices and coriander...
this was way superb.
3rd Station : Nando's Restaurant

Nando's is good but I prefer Chinese food compared to Western food.
So it is unfair to judge...

That's all about  my food adventure in Penang. 
Have a nice day =)