I am who I am

I am who I am

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Knowing me =P

Knowing me, will definitely not make you regret, but not knowing me, will definitely do. Lol…
I’m Veronica Faun Hao Yan. I’m not a pure Chinese, ¼ of Mongolian’s blood – that’s why my eyes are shoooo small.

I love dancing a lot. I learned ballet for like 10 years since 7. Besides ballet, i know a lil of social dance, latin dance and hip hop.
I'm in the middle <3
the one in turquoise is me!!! 

it's me =P

it's me =P

Besides dancing, I was also kinda active in sports in school last time, such as cheer leading and running.
Jumping at the track.
I'm  the 2nd from the right =)

Was wearing a tiger-like costume to cheer for my  group
I participated in the 4*100m that year.

Unfortunately, i couldn't find pictures for my cheer leading in school =(

At times I'm a family person but when i'm doing my work or study, DO NOT MESS WITH ME. lol. 
Almost every year, my family will go travelling to strengthen our family bond =)
That's why  i love my family very super duper much =P
my lovely family <3



Another family's kids i met in China during Christmas...
cute lil Ivan Ng...
really miss u...

in china with family

I know my family is lovely =) lol... Thanks to my parents ♥ 

                                          LOVE THEM ALWAYS...