I am who I am

I am who I am

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hey, I just met you And this is crazy, Here’s my number, But pls don’t call me ~

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy,
Here’s my number,
But pls don’t call me ~

Sorry for changing the lyrics of the song but seriously it only applies on certain situation. This song comes into my mind because something really crazy happened to me yesterday.

I was in a rush to buy food from my uni's mart. Super hungry... I dressed really badly and my hair was not combed after taking a nap, so I think it was messy. I don't really care about my outlook that time because I was not going there for long. Just go there to grab some bread then ciao. 

So when I was paying for my bread, there was this uncle, I guess he is in his 50s almost 60, approached me. As usual, when strangers meet each other, they will ask each other’s personal details. Same goes to that uncle.

1st, he started by asking my name, what course I’m studying in, where I am from, the environment in my uni and whether I like my uni or not. I thought he was one of the students’ parent so I answered him politely and obviously smile. It was like an interview because I kept answering his questions without asking him back.

Then the weird part arose when he started asking whether I’ve boyfriend or not. Not to be rude, but what for? But yet I answered him politely because mummy always say, “we must always respect the old”.

The next weird thing was when he asked me for my mobile phone no. I was like what the heck you want from me? You want to know more info about this uni for your child is it? I was still being positive at that moment, thinking that perhaps it was for his child. Wanted to lie to him saying that I don’t have but I was holding. So, I gave him and immediately he missed call me and told me his name. I didn’t enter his name in my mobile phone because I didn’t really listern to his name. just named him stranger. I knew something was not right.

And everything revealed when he asked me when I am free and he wanted to bring me out around SP since I’m from KL. I just nodded and forcefully smiled. Then, I quickly ended the conversation saying that I’ve class even though it’s already 6.15pm. Haha. Then he said “I’ll call you on Friday to bring you out, okay?” Then I simply replied “ok bye bye”.

Then he offered his hand to shake with me. I was seriously blank and didn’t know what to do and stupidly, I shake his hand. Guess what he did? Rub my hands? NO!!! He twisted my hand so that the back of my hands face him and he looked deeply into my hands. And guess what? My bread immediately fell on the floor. LOL. Then I picked it up and ciao!

So, seriously,
hey uncle,
I just met you,
This is crazy,
Here’s my number
But pls don’t call me ~

So guys and girls, if you are curious to know whether he would call me on this Friday, stay tune my blog  Me too, am very curious. Haha...