I am who I am

I am who I am

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Curse All Is WeLL ♥

Hope All Is Well ~~~

Lecture hall used to be filled with the voices of our lecturers and Doctors, and perhaps voices of some inattentive and annoying students (like me – chatting with uncontrollable voice, at times like loud speaker and the most famous one, giggling with squeaky voice as background music).

However, nowadays, coughing and sneezing here, there and everywhere. Everyone around me seems to be having “respiratory distress” (using this word in conjunction to my recent course system on respiratory system. Haha…).

I kept going around asking are you ok? Have you visited the doctor? Or have you taken your medicine? (Seriously, I’m sick of asking already… Cuz too many people sick now!!! )

I feel blessed, as so far I am still ok, doing fine, no sneezing, no cough and no cold. But my mum always remind me, don’t ever be so bold in saying things like this as they are very “kecil hati”. Same goes to pimples. I used to say “Yeah! No pimples today!” Then the next day, POPPP! Signs of pimples appear. =(

Anyway, I think it’s due to the weather. I realize it rains almost every night. A night without blanket definitely makes me in fetal position and unable to sleep comfortably. And also, every morning, I will spend extra time in the bathroom; refuse to close the running lukewarm water pouring on my bare skin.

this is how fetal position look like.
but of course with clothes la~
Can freeze to death lo if like that...

So, people, just a few pieces of advices for you all; always bring umbrella along with you and in case if you get caught in the pouring rain, make sure you take a shower and change to new, dry set of clothes. I don’t know what the reason behind taking a shower is but that’s what all the oldies say. So just follow, ok???

Also, it’s advisable to drink warm fluid and take more vitamins to boost the immune system.

P/S: To you guys and girls, who are sick now, get well soon ya…. Waiting to hear good news from you all ^.^

So are you ok? I know I can't help but just wondering =)