I am who I am

I am who I am

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cupcakes and cookies from pretty girl

Yesterday, there was this very pretty girl who purposely came to my house and gave me a few cute and lovely cupcakes and coconut cookies =) How sweet of her right? I crave for cakes and cookies (having sweet tooth) ever since I’m back to KL but none of my family members free to bring me out to eat. So sad… But this girl!!! Oh… I love her!!!

Guess what? I curi-curi bring all these cakes and cookies to my bedroom so that my hungry and greedy brothers can't fight for those tempting cakes!!! Haha, how cheeky of me, right? Anyway, that was my expression when I first opened the box of cupcakes.

There are 2 types of cupcakes. Hokkaido and also chocolate chip cupcakes. Both are so nice...Awww... Vincent and I love the chocolate chip cupcake because the dark chocolate is thick enough =) *love much* Mummy and William love the other one. Not so sweet, just nice. Perfect for us,who don't like too sweet stuff.

This is the coconut cookies =) We all love this! *Awesome* One person eat 2 pieces... Not enough for us. *sobs sobs* Too nice already. Besides, she wrapped so nicely for us. AWWWW...

Close view of the Hokkaido cake =)

Selca in front of those cupcakes. *drool*

It's as if I'm celebrating my birthday... Smiling to those cupcakes while making a big fat wish... I hope this year, I'll be able to... LOL. Not gonna tell u =P
Bye bye...