I am who I am

I am who I am

Monday, 12 November 2012

Magic? Mentalism? or Satanic Power?


Do you believe in magic? I never believe and am too afraid to believe in. I know there are lots of people out there who take classes on magic tricks. Thus, I’m very sure those people obviously do not have the real supernatural power. Just tricks, to fool people’s eyes like us. However, there are still some, which I really can’t tell and explain. Should I say that they are just incredible and special? Or scary? One of the most famous magicians is like Leonardo Da Vinci.

My brother, Vincent has a friend named Zlwin Chew who is a magician. He claimed himself as a mentalist instead of magician. He said it's all due to mental power but not magic. As long as he focuses, he can bend a spoon by staring at it, make a coin sip into a closed bottle, make easy tricks like disappearing and reappearing of things and lots more. Vincent said he had seen him doing those "things" life!!! According to him again, Zlwin always randomly perform in clubs before he was famous. Today,he is in Manila doing performance for Resorts World. Incredible dude, isn't he?

Yesterday, Vincent showed me another guy, who is also a mentalist, who posted a few videos of himself performing magic/ psychic/ black magic/ whatever it is called, in public. In the 1st video, i kept saying, "Aiya fake la this... This is definitely inhuman and freaking creepy." Magic is a big fat NO for me. How could a human possibly do such thing. Plus some of my friends convince me that that's definitely not their own work. Perhaps they practice SATAN!!! But after watching the 2nd, 3rd and i guess all his videos, I have to say it's definitely SATAN's job or he is no doubt the SPECIAL one!!!! It's the same like those who have magnetic force on their body, whereby metal objects can get attracted to their body!

He is just one in many. God's creation? LOL... Just accept the fact that i'm not THAT SPECIAL.

Ok back to the other mentalist, he is also known as YIF. He can do extreme things. Watch and you'll know. He is superb, amazing, incredible, awesome,and no words to describe him. 1 thing that I'm blown off is that he's handsome! But but but... He has the kind of weird aura to me. Devilish? I don't know...

Curious to know how different is he from you? Watch these few videos below!!! For those who don't understand Mandarin, there's English subtitles in every videos.




So what do you think about him? Speechless? Eyes pop out? Mouth open wide? That's exactly how my expression was. To watch more videos of him, you may go to youtube and type "yif art of magic".

Ok have a nice day =)

                                 Have a Great Day