I am who I am

I am who I am

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Last day Shopping in KL before going back to AIMST !

On the first day I’m back to KL, I've been telling my family that I want to shop in IUtama at least once. And yesterday, was the perfect day to go before going back to AIMST. From 4 pm  I had been begging Vincent to get prepared but he said he needs to sleep for an hour first. OK I tolerated with him. 1 hour later, I woke him up. Then he said he is not going and ask me to go with daddy. WHAT THE… I waited for an hour and you said this. Then I kept bugging him nonstop. I knew I’m irritating but this will be my last ma… 1 month later only I can go back to KL =( *sobs sobs* At 7 pm only we started our journey. *sweat~* then Vincent suggested somewhere else. Sunway Giza. OK fine… Since I haven’t been there. 

Tired of waiting for him.ZZZ… 3 hours of waiting =(

On the way to Sunway Giza...


So fast then they decorate for Christmas already...

Me love the decoration there <3
Dress from dress me up
Belt from Voir
Shoes from Alain Delon


Bangle of the day, from Bali, Indonesia

Carlo Rino bag

Lol i know this is stupid but then not many people have seen this yet right???

Had this for dinner. I forget to see the name of the Chinese restaurant. But it's beside Aunty Lan restaurant. The food is not bad =)


And lastly, this for dessert. Buahaha. Don't know which to choose...