I am who I am

I am who I am

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Being Naughty =P

La la la~~~

Exam is coming and obviously I have to study hard hard. Study smart? Do I or did I? I think never, sadly to say. (still, I seem to be proud of myself. Haha… ) Anyway, my hostel is a big NO NO for me to study in. It’s so dark, cozy and will definitely sleep once I open my notes and books. So, I’ll force myself to study in the study area of my campus. No one talks loudly there. They whisper and some even prefer to go out of this extremely stressful place to talk to each other. I even have to tip toe to enter and walk out of this (no words to describe) place.


2 miserable days ago…

I did this in the study area =))

Enjoying taking picture of my own. I know I'm such a poser...What to do? Haha...
Btw, people, do not use the word cam whore because "Camgirls who

performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam 

software in exchange for money, goods, or attention are 

sometimes called camwhore" sited from Wikipedia. Instead of camwhore, selca is a better word, means self and capture.

She was eating seedless liquorice plum.That was why her teeth were yellow...


This was what I did too =P

Poke poke, poke poke... "hey hey... Don't you feel ticklish?"

I'm here to squash you!!! Ngek ngek ngek ngek... =)

Being naughty at times makes me feel so happy! =)