I am who I am

I am who I am

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dance Club ...

Hello people, actually I've a few more posts on my Turkey trip but I know you are so sick of it already right?   Maybe next time I will post them when I seriously have nothing to blog about already. Haha... By the way, since last year, I made lots of preparation on opening a dance club in my uni because I really loveeeeeee dancing like a lot. I was really surprised to find out that my uni does not have dance club at first. How can that be!!!
I've been waiting for someone to start up a club so I can dance like a happy kid =) but NONE.  So I made plans, asking my friends whether would they join and I got lots of positive feedback. Registrating a new club in my uni seriously took a long time. Almost everyday I went and ask them, they said the admin side haven't approved yet. So not efficient!!!  After more than a month, AT LAST, they approved. But I had exams that time and things had to delay. And now lots of people are not back from holidays yet.

I used to tell my mum everything but not this because I know she'll discourage me as it may affect my studies. But somehow, I can't hide anything from her, I told her. She was like WOW NOT BAD but the next day, she gave me lots of discouraging words... =(

1. It'll affect my studies ( but I don't think so)
2. People don't really like to pay much as professional instructors are expensive. ( fees ranging Rm 20-30)
3. If during exam period, people start to stop joining, what about the money for the instructors?

I hope someone can tell me what to do. I don't want to disappoint those who have been longing for this club and I don't want to kill my biggest passion. So suggestions plsssss...

Last time I used to dance 3days in a week (ballet) but stopped after beginning of Form4 as I finished Grade 8 and no time to proceed to Advance Foundation (something like Diploma). So I took up some Social dance, Latin,jazz, hip hop, modern dance,modern ballet, yoga and zumba especially when I was waiting for degree. But besides ballet, others are not so good la....LOL...
Preparing for concert in 2007.
the 3rd from the right below is me <3
spot me =)
went for Malaysia ballet competition 

picture taken while dancing in concert

By the way, for the dance club, we'll be having :
1. hip hop / kpop dance
2. Latin / social dance (cha cha, waltz rumba, salsa, samba and bla bla bla...)

3. belly dance

4. indian traditional dance.

So feel free to leave some suggestions or comments ya. =)