I am who I am

I am who I am

Monday, 7 January 2013

Say NO to lose weight unhealthily !!!

Being health conscious is something we should really aware of, every single day. It is really amazing to see that how many illness there are in this world and bad eating habits are the main contributor to this. No doubt, when we generally talk about health, the first thing that comes to our mind is weight loss, as we know obesity contributes to 1001 diseases. However, losing weight by eating unhealthily can even jeopardize your health and also appearance.
Sufficient protein diet is very important for our health. Wondering why?

Here are some main ones but protein has a whole list of benefits. Have you ever wondered how much intake of protein you should take in a day? And how to calculate?

I believe a lot of people know about Amway products as it is really well known especially for its supplement products. I think I know about Amway since like 7 maybe? And it even get lots of awards for its incredibility!

Want to grab something when you are hungry? Instead of junk food, why not this? Someone once said, if you eat fat greasy food, you become a fat, greasy dude. If you put Doctor stuff in your brains, you become a doctor. And if you put junks in your mind, what will you be? I've tried the mix berries flavour and also the all plant protein flavour. Both taste good for me but mummy doesn't really prefer the all plant protein flavour though. Btw, it makes me full, will not make me feel sleepy like carbs always do and skin complexion become much better!!!
LOOK at the this carefully, understand it and learn it!!!

So what do you think about this product? Amazing isn't it? And look at what we used to eat. I really hate to see this. Make me so depressed. People always say " Just eat while you can ", " You must live life to the fullest", " Eat is paradise", " Eat anything you like, die anyway". These quotes are wrongly used by people who just wish to satisfy their taste buds and console themselves for eating unhealthily. Seriously, don't get brain wash by this please...

Conclusion : This is a really good and trustworthy product not only for those who want to have nicer figure, but also healthy, balance diet for everyone.