I am who I am

I am who I am

Thursday, 17 January 2013

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Due to a few Mondays off in this 3 weeks, I decided to take a break from the stressful study area on Sunday. Went to Penang with Evie, Ben, Josiah and Yang Yi. My motto for that day : PLAY FIRST, STUDY LATER. But end up, NO STUDY FOR TODAY. Buahaha... Feel really great for having a day off but regrets kept overflowing after that.

Anyway, guess what is the main purpose I went to Penang? All because of Les Miserables. That was my 2nd time watching it in the cinema. It's really worth it even though I had to burn RM 24 (2X). It's one of the best movie I ever watched!!! So touching, emotional, unexpectedly awesome and really nail hard into my soul. The images of those actors and actresses singing are still flowing in my mind. Keep singing their songs with Evie even in the lecture hall. Shhh... Don't tell my lecturers ya... Btw, those actors and actresses, especially Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway deserve all the praisal from people and they seriously put in blood, sweat and tears in this movie. 

1) Hugh Jackman did not drink water or any liquids for 36 hours in order to get the sunken eyes and cheeks looks.  The director said "If you are recognizable, I want people to think you are sick".
2) Hugh Jackman shed around 20lbs, around 9kg for being Jean Valjean and gain weight for being the mayor within a short period of time.
3) Russell Crowe invited them to his house to practice singing from morning till night.
4) Real voices emerge in real time, complete with assorted tremors, gasp for breath and all the cryings were done on set. All were done live, not pre-recorded! Just imagine they have to focus at their face expression, body language and sing at the same time ...Wah siao lo... If it's me, sure FAIL!!! Sure out of tune.
5) Anna Hathaway shed 10kg and had her beautiful, shiny hair cut really short.

I cried from the beginning till the end of the movie but got immune during the 2nd time but it's still SO GOOD!!! Highly recommended for those who still haven't watched yet. 


Look at the size difference of our eyes!

We tried clothes from Miss Selfridge =)
Such a sweet smile she has got.

Should have put my hair at the back cos it's covering the pattern of the dress =(
Miss Selfridge clothes are really nice and classy =)

Had gelato at Gelatomio
It's nice but the portion is too small =(
Anyway, I still prefer gelato from Gelato especially rum and raisins *love*

Had Chilis for dinner but we did not take any pictures from there because the light was too dim =(