I am who I am

I am who I am

Sunday, 30 December 2012

1st day in Istanbul, Turkey =)

We went to KLIA by shuttle bus from Jalan Ipoh for only RM10 per person. If we take taxi there, might costs about RM 200 for 2 taxis. When I reached to KLIA, I had a semi-surprised pre-informed visit by a friend. Had a great chat with him =) Anyway, we waited at KLIA for about 4hours, so we took plenty of pictures there. LOL...

 Happy faces before we started getting bored of waiting again...

look at the amount of luggage we (5) brought. 

 So yeng right ? Prince William of the house =)
 Handsome Bro...Prince Vincent of the house =)
The couple of the house. Still so lovely after almost 25years of marriage.

We took the Qatar plane - The World best Airline.

Had my 1st meal in Sehir Restaurant,Istanbul, opposite the Marmara sea. This + salad + mushroom soup + fruits. SOOOO healthy!
 Just a random tree. Edited this picture to be like this =)

The 1st place I visited, Topkapi Palace. It was the residence of Ottoman Sultans for about 400 years from year 1465 to 1856. Currently  it is a museum palace with a wide collection of porcelain, antiques, holy relics and other treasures.

The entire plan of Ataturk Mausoleum.

This is the place where the flag is placed when they win a war. If the flag is not brought here, means they lose.

This is one of the most valuable treasure I found there, which is the Spoonmaker's diamond, 86 karats - 7th biggest diamond in the world. It was way larger and brighter real life and no one is supposed to take picture of it, so I take this from the net.
 This is my 1st hotel - Koru Hotel. The stars indicate a 4-star hotel. 
Behind the hotel is a forest with lots of pine trees. Mummy said the forest reminded her of the Germany Black Forest.
Had dinner in the hotel.
So tired on the 1st day itself...

That's all I did on the 1st day in Turkey. Did not visit many places that day because landed in Turkey in the afternoon and the day got dark very soon during winter.