I am who I am

I am who I am

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Reviews on my perfect Turkey trip!

Like what I had told you all before; I'm going to Turkey right? I'm back!!! For the past few days I had been so busy choosing and editing pictures. Most of the awesome pictures were taken by my eldest brother, Vincent and others by my daddy. Guess how many pictures they took? It’s 2000 over pictures!!! Obviously it took me days to finish looking, choosing and editing those pictures.
Basically that's what I had been wearing for the 9days. 3layer wool innerwear, super thick sweater , cashmere scarf, wool cap, and a big down jacket!!! So super-duper bulky and heavy =(

Anyway, among all the countries I’ve been to, I’m very super-duper sure that the best is Turkey… LOL… Sound as if I’ve been to a lot of countries. Nola…  Among Singapore, Indonesia(Bali), Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Korea, and China (Beijing, Tianjing, Cheng De, Guilin, Guang Zhou, Shanghai, YiWu, Jiang Nan, Zhou Zhuang and Hang Zhou) only…

I’ll definitely visit Turkey again, maybe another 18 years later. Like what my mummy did. She went with her sisters 18 years ago and she never regret for visiting Turkey again now. What make this trip so good are the people, scenery, the magnificent history of Turkey. Chinese always say China has 5000 years of history and so do Turkey.  It was conquered by Romans before, that’s why many walls and buildings are very similar to Greek. That's why Alexander The Great and other great people's culture were diffused into Turkey's history. So of course it's totally beautiful and awesome! According to my tour guide, Gulhan, after visiting Turkey, we don’t have to visit Greek anymore, because it’s the same. Lol… Oh ya, not to mention, Gulhan is the best tour guide I've known so far!!!

Furthermore, Turkish are very open-minded people even though they are mostly Muslims. They are not forced to be Muslims nor forced to follow the rules in Islam. That make them love their country and religion even more and willingly follow those rules. It's very obvious that they really love their country a lot because their flags are everywhere!

Besides, cleanliness is very important to me. None of the toilet I’ve been to is without tissue paper, dirty, not flushed and slippery. This makes me like this country even more. 

People here really polite, don’t shout at you even if you don’t buy their things, don’t spit wherever they like and they really like Oppa Gangnam a lot. LOL… Lots of them asked “ Are you from Oppa Gangnam? “ Obviously NO! If I’m in Oppa Gangnam MV, I might be super rich and famous now. Haha… They regard Oppa Gangnam as Korea. Korea must really reward PSY for making Korea so well known. Oh ya, there are some Koreans there talked to me in Korean. Even last time, when i went to Korea, a group of girls came to me and asked me something, then I said I'm not Korean, I'm Malaysian, then they asked me for my email address. LOL...  

Like Korean? Seriously???
Ok that's all for now. Will gonna talk about my entire journey in Turkey in the next blog.  Coming up soon. Stay tune ya =)