I am who I am

I am who I am

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Instagram/ Photoshoot worthy places in Sekinchan, Malaysia

I've always been struggling on where to go around Selangor or Kl. Mama and Papa Ron suggested Sekinchan and I was like, "Okay, let's go!" It was so random and exciting! I quickly googled and instagramed what's there in Sekinchan and I got so excited that I only had 3 hours of sleep before the one day trip.

And so, here's a little info about Sekinchan. It is a small town located in Selangor, about one and the half hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur city. Sekinchan, known as Land of Plenty, with main economy activities of agriculture especially paddy (one of the highest rice production area in Malaysia) and fishery. So, you can expect a lot of greens and blues in that area. Feel so good to be away from the KL city sometimes.

*I'm not an expect in photography and also, I do not photoshop in my pictures (do not know how to). Just adjust the light and contrast here and there. And I'm just writing what I feel in my point of view. Hope to learn more from the experts.*

1. The beach - Pantai Redang

Pantai Redang is definitely our first destination once we reached Sekinchan because I have always loved the blues over greens. First thing I saw at the beach was a big banner with the words ‘ζˆ‘ <3 适耕庄’ which means I love Sekinchan. I must say that the beach is definitely not as amazing as other beaches in Malaysia as the sea isn't crystal clear but it is definitely a good place to take good photographs. The sky was so brilliant blue, painted through the horizon, with a few white, fluffy clouds floating across. And the wind was like nothing but calm breeze. The weather was so amazing I must say. We strolled along the beach and absorbed large amount of Vitamin D from the sun.

Attire that you wear is very important if you want to take good pictures. Put some effort to dress nicer especially for vacation. Flowing dress is perfect for beaches as it makes the photo more interesting when the wind blows. Always face against the direction of the wind so that it will not create a huge bulge anteriorly (look fat). Complete your look with some accessories such as large hat is also a good idea.

I personally like photos with good proportion of sky in it, especially when the sky is so blue.

2. Rocks by the beach

There are lots of rocks by the beach, which is also a good place to take good photos.

I really like my Mama Ron's pose. With the colourful sport shoes, it shines.

3. The Wishing Tree

Around that area, there's a large wishing tree where plenty red cloths with wishes are being hung on that magical tree. You can get the red cloth from the temple beside, write down your wishes and name, then throw it up on the tree. May your wishes come true.

4. A wooden house

This wooden house is situated just beside the wishing tree. 

I love how miniature we look in that picture. Mama Ron looked really cool at the back there. Papa Ron was supposed to take close up picture of us but I prefer it this way.
I love the huge tree beside this tiny hut. It's like a must to put this tree in the camera frame!

A must picture whenever there are windows.

I look like a person wrapping in sarong, waiting for husband to come home. And then him sitting at the bench, reading newspaper.Then I lean over the window, hug him from the back and ask how was his work at the farm today.
Lol... *daydreaming*

 Mama and Papa Ron still looking youthful though they are almost 60.

5. Jetty

Opposite that huge tree, there's a wooden jetty, which obviously is a perfect spot to take pictures too.

This is my personal favourite picture from the trip. I love the wind effect on my hair and this picture was actually candid when I was walking towards my mum.

Tried different angles 


6. Concrete jetty

I was literally strolling at the concrete jetty, doing my thing and Mama Ron took my photos from far. They were all candid. Sometimes, I really prefer candid pictures. They look so much more natural, not overdoing and able to blend together with the scenery. Of course, in order to do that, in fact in all photos, you need to feel good (good mood), confident, appreciate and blend into the surroundings and of course a patient photographer (especially those who give good comments while shooting. Totally uplift your mood). A lot of positive energy is required.

7. Souvenir shop

This souvenir shop is also situated in the same area. The decoration outside there is obviously for picture purpose. I was supposed to create a perfect photo of Papa Ron looking at Mama Ron with tender eyes and Mama Ron looking towards me but it didn't turn out to be as expected. Probably I will need to take a closer or zoomed in photo. But I really like the 2 Colas and love shape art up there. =(

8. Paddy field

Next, we went to the paddy field area, which was just a few minutes away from Pantai Redang. The scenery was just ordinary to be honest. But when you look through the camera, in that small screen, the view was amazing. The perfect blend of blues and greens make you feel peaceful tranquil.

I really like how they painted the building with such colours. This is one of my favourites too. The multiple tones of blue of the sky and building mixed with the green paddy are just so mesmerizing. Real art there.

 Added filter for this picture.
I like this candid shot too.

White always causing overexpose easily. 

Jumping shoots is a must in places like this. I personally like the picture with the umbrella a lot. Feeling a little magical. Broke free from the cage and finally I tasted freedom, will never be content to be a slave.

See how magical a simple gesture of holding an umbrella be in this photo. Making the photo lively! 
Standing still in photos are just way too boring. Be creative!

9. Paddy processing factory and gallery

That is the first thing you can see once you reach to this paddy processing factory (PLS Marketing). Really cute deco and I'm sure kids would love there.

Most people buy Pearl Rice from this factory. Pearl Rice is really popular in Sekinchan. This company also build a Paddy Museum in their factory whereby videos of processing the paddy with a mechanized planting method being explained to visitors.

For more info,

Address : Lot No. 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, Selangor, 45400 Sekinchan, Malaysia
Phone    : 603-32436558
Hours    : 0900-1800

10. Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay

There are a lot of cheap yet beautiful homestays in Sekinchan. This is one of them! Definitely recommend this. I saw pictures of this homestay from my friend's instagram and I think it's amazing! On the day I went, they are some Malay bridal photography going on up there.


Below are some amazing interior of the homestay, taken from their own website itself. 

Trampoline? Yes it is. Amazing isn't it?

Definitely will choose to stay here.
For more info,

Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay
Lot 11304, Kampung Site B Tambahan
Jalan Tepi Sawah, Sekinchan
45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

Contact : 017-2068666

11. N. 16 (Bus restaurant)

It's pretty hype how this bus restaurant is situated by the paddy fields. You can have your meal while enjoying the natural beauty over the bus window. Amazing!

 Photo credit by N.16

For more info,

Hours : Thurs- Fri, Sun - 11.00am - 8.00pm ,   Sat - 11.00am - 9.00pm (closed on Mon-                      Wed)
Address: Jalan Tali Air 4, Tanjung Karang, Kuala Selangor
Tel : 010-2546268

One thing I really regretted is that I forgot to put on my sunscreen. Within an hour, my skin around my chest and arms got so burning red. It's the 4th day post Sekinchan and my skin is still so red and pricking pain. Do not ever ever forget the sunscreen! Sun is the number 1 cause of skin conditions like pigmentation, freckles and cancer.

From the picture, you can see how red my chest and arms became... I don't really mind getting tan only if it is even. =(  And my Mama Ron is originally fair too... =(

That's all for now, bye!