I am who I am

I am who I am

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Get free samples of beauty products =)

I always love to read good articles from the net about anything that spark my interest especially on style and beauty, fashion, relationships, health  and food recipe. Finding a good article  from blogs or website is sometimes quite tedious especially if you are not a frequent internet user or have no idea where to find a good website on those. It would be much easier if the blog or website consists of All-in-1 of all the categories I just mentioned. I believe almost everyone love to read articles on those because it is so applicable in our daily life. Learning is not all about the particular career that you are going or planning to nailed-on. It doesn't make you a whole person if you are only good at work. Just imagine how awesome, stunning and sexy a person is if he/ she is presentable, takes care of his/ her health, can cook and has vast knowledge on almost everything. 

While browsing through for some good articles randomly, I coincidentally stopped by at everydayme.com.my and I can't believe my eyes could actually glue at the laptop for hours!!! 

This website is created by the famous P&G company which is an American multinational consumer goods company and was founded since 1937. Its products consists of pets food, cleaning agents and personal care. On 1 August 2014, P&G announced it was streamlining the company, dropping around 100 brands and concentrating on the remaining 80 brands, which produced 95 percent of the company's profits. Besides, their current stock price is $83.11!!!

Anyway, I bet most of you are focusing on the REQUEST SAMPLE NOW in the 1st picture right? Ya, they do provide free samples of some of their products. So, what are you waiting for? 

Scroll all the way down and change your country is you are not a Malaysian.


Then press on request free sample and then you will have to sign up in order to get their free sample. It took probably just 1 minute to register!


Upon completion =)

Don't forget to read their blogs. I bet you will definitely get addicted like I do =)

This section is one of my favourites.
The recipes!!!

For female health care. No harm reading more, definitely not a waste of time. Knowledge is POWER!!!

The exercise section is also one of my favourites =)

So, don't forget to go to everydayme.com.my to read up their blog posts and get FREE samples!
Have a nice day =)